BIR employees beware: Lifestyle check soon, says chief

  • BIR Commissioner Ceasar Dulay wants to conduct a lifestyle check on his employees
  • Dulay says he will be pursuing the probe together with the NBI, Immigration and LRA
  • Battling corruption has been among the top promises of President Rodrigo Duterte when he ran for office

Newly installed Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) chief Ceasar Dulay said a lifestyle check is awaiting his staff and officials.

Dulay said in an ABS-CBN article published Thursday, July 7, that he is eyeing to pursue a probe on the BIR personnel’s properties in cooperation with the National Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Immigration and the Land Registration Authority.

The BIR commissioner also earlier urged corrupt employees in his office to resign during the first flag raising ceremony he attended last Monday, July 5.

“I’d like to make it clear from Day One to listen to the message of the President. Corruption must stop in our agency,” he was quoted in a GMA News Online story.

BIR has been notorious for being one of the most corrupt agencies in the country, along with another tax-collections office, the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

President Rodrigo Duterte himself has been firm in battling corruptions most especially in these two bureaus.

Last July 6, Duterte said he has information on erring officials in the BOC.

“I still have to validate it, but I already have the raw information,” he said in the same speech where he named the five police generals who were allegedly involved in illegal drug trade.

He also warned the BIR on their corrupt practices: “Kayong mga [You there at the] BIR, stop, because I will make a trail out of you. Lahat ngayon binabantayan [Everything now is being watched].”

Before he assumed office, Duterte also called on employees of these tarnished agencies to stop their illegal deeds to earn more and just shift to a simpler lifestyle.

“This time you have to change lifestyle, less expense maybe if you buy a car every other year, make it 5 years. And try to be just an ordinary government worker,” he previously said.