Blasphemy? Carlos Celdran draws flak for Sto. Niño with Duterte’s superimposed face

  • Controversial tour guide again in the crosshairs of Duterte supporters
  • He drew flak after refusing to remove a critic’s pic of a Sto. Niño with Duterte’s face
  • He denied accusations of blasphemy, said the pic parodies Duterte and not the Sto. Niño

MANILA, Philippines – He’s at it again.

Days after calling out President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters, controversial tour guide Carlos Celdran is once again earning their ire after refusing to take down an unflattering picture of the Chief Executive.

On his Facebook page, Celdran posted a screenshot of a certain Max Namara’s picture of Duterte’s face superimposed on a Sto. Niño statue. His comment describing the picture, “Pwet Señor”, can be seen below.

Image from Carlos Celdran's Facebook
Image from Carlos Celdran’s Facebook

Many of Duterte’s supporters — as well as some Catholic faithful — blasted Celdran for both insulting the president and blaspheming a revered religious icon.

However, Celdran insisted neither he nor Namara committed any blasphemy. He argued that the picture parodied Duterte and his god-like status among his die-hard supporters.

“Is that the Santo Niño you see? No it is not. It’s a picture of Digong superimposed on the Santo Niño. Therefore, it is NOT an image of the Santo Niño at all, he said. “So if we follow logic, my reply/comment: “Pwet Señor” was aimed at Digong and NOT at the Santo Niño at all.”

Ending his post, Celdran said it is not his problem anymore if people couldn’t understand his explanation.

“But then again, if you cannot tell the difference between the two, that isn’t my problem anymore,” he said.

In another post, Celdran also posted another picture in response to a critic — this time with a picture of Duterte’s face on another statue.

“Tatay Digong loves you. He is your only hope and saviour,” read the caption on his post.

Image from Carlos Celdran's Facebook page
Image from Carlos Celdran’s Facebook page
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