British lawyer raising funds for Filipina maid’s cancer-stricken son

  • A British lawyer is raising funds to help her Filipina maid’s son who’s battling bone cancer
  • The lawyer plans to run a total of 500 kms by the end of the July and asking help from sponsors
  • She has already previously raised $63,000 after shaving her head for the cause

A British lawyer currently based in Singapore is raising funds to help the her Filipina maid’s son who is fighting bone cancer.

The 38-year-old lawyer Isabelle Claisse plans to run 500 kilometers by the end of July by covering a distance of around 17 kilometers to and from work every day and adding additional distances over the weekends.

She hopes to raise at least $12,000; asking generous individuals to sponsor every kilometer of her journey to help pay for the medical bills and treatment of 11-year-old Dave Caba who already has undergone chemotherapy and two operations to install an implant that replaced a cancerous portion of his leg bone.

“Although he has made tremendous progress, Dave is still in the process of recovery. He will need continuing medical care on a long term basis to support his physical rehabilitation and ensure that the disease does not recur,” Claisse writes on the Generosity fundraising website.

Earlier this year, the lawyer shaved her head and managed to raise $63,000 which was given to the family of her Filipina maid, Mariza.

“We were hugely blessed to have been able to raise a very substantial amount of money through the enormous generosity shown by people during the original fund-raiser,” she explained to the Strait Times.

She hopes to be able to attract not just individuals but also corporations to help out in her cause and to help finance Dave’s long-term cancer treatment and recovery.

“Every little amount will help. It will be a gift that will keep on giving for the next 10 years,” she adds.

For more information about the fundraising activity, interested individuals can check the Run for Dave Facebook page.


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