Canada foundation redesigns hospital gowns for a purpose

  • A foundation in Canada is redesigning hospital gowns for a purpose
  • The project called ‘Ward + Robes’ makes hospital gowns cool
  • Patients said they feel like they are not in a hospital while wearing the redesigned gowns

A foundation in Canada is redesigning hospital gowns for a purpose: to let sick children be themselves.

In an article written by  James Gould-Bourn of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that while wearing a hospital gown is just temporary for some, others have hospital gowns permanently in their wardrobe. In relation to this, a project called Ward+Robes was launched by Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada; turning the boring hospital clothes into something cool.

“Teens are unique. Why should their hospital gowns be any different? That’s why Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada started the Ward + Robes initiative: a partnership with top designers to create unique hospital gowns teens actually want to wear,” the foundation stated.

In the project, a number of fashion designers teamed up with the nonprofit organization to redesign hospital gowns in order to give sick kids “a chance to be themselves.”

“Wearing a hospital gown is like being in a hospital,” said a patient.

“There’s nothing good about it. It sort of makes me feel like my identity’s been stripped away from me,” expressed another.

Good thing, the Ward+Robes project was launched in a hospital in Ontario and has started making patients happy.

“This gown let me be who I am outside the hospital and outside of being ill,” a patient said.

“This feels like more me,” another noted.

“When I first saw the new gowns, I saw empowerment,” some other expressed.

At present, the foundation is asking donations from people who want to help. One may visit its page for details.

Watch the video about the “Ward + Robes” project here: