China: PH bribed the judges of the arbitration tribunal

  • Chinese vice foreign minister accused the Philippines of bribing the judges of the PCA
  • He said the judges were out of touch with the issue since they are all European
  • He also blasted Japan, said the PCA judge who chose the arbitrators was Japanese

MANILA, Philippines – In its latest tirade against the ruling saying China’s 9-Dash Line in the West Philippine Sea is invalid, China claimed the Philippines paid off the arbitrators who heard the case to rule in its favor.

In a press conference, Chinese vice foreign minister Liu Zhenmin said the five Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) judges were out of touch with the issue since they all hailed from Europe. He also accused them of taking bribes from the Philippines.

“These judges are paid, so who’s really behind this tribunal,”, ABC News quoted him as saying. “Who was paying them? Was it the Philippines, or some other country?”

Liu also accused Japan as another antagonist; saying the PCA judge — Shunji Yanai — who selected the five arbitrators is a Japanese national.

“Shunji Yanai manipulated the tribunal and helped influence the decision,” he said.

In a separate conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang affirmed Liu’s remarks. He said the PCA was paid off by the Philippines and had nothing to do with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS).

“What Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said this morning was that the Arbitral Tribunal was not an international tribunal and had nothing to do with the UN-affiliated International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague,” he said. “Judges of the ICJ and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea are paid by the UN to ensure their independence and impartiality. As for the five judges in this case, they made money, they were paid by the Philippines. I figure it necessary to make that clear.”



  1. bribed foreigners? the Philippines? hahahahaahha with what???? our country’s poor AF and largely in debt. damn Chinese officials are so damn desperate and infantile it’s hilarious!

  2. the country with the fastest super computers and the largest radio telescope in the world accusing the government of a tiny archipelago country that has one of the slowest internet services and most expensive power prices in the world of BRIBING foreigners. …. REALLY?????

  3. Come on China Deng Xiaoping could not have believe his country has become a Socialist Imperialist.

  4. the dimwits presumed that they could fool the world….haha..the chinks thought all people are like them!! 🙂

  5. At dahil ang China ay bansa ng mga fake with zero level-substandard produce, ayan bumigay ang pag-iisip at yan lang ang kinayang isipin!
    Ang hihilig kasing kumain ng dead and decomposing fetus e, ayan tuloy, bugok ang mga utak!

  6. Philippines bribing PCA judges?
    LOL, this should be the joke of the year!!!
    Philippines cant even pay for their debt, moreover the resources to come up with enough molah to lure the judges… hahahaha

  7. just cut off all ties with china and send all their people here back there… stop providing them war funds by letting them do business in our country… BASIC

  8. Mane…These people are bunch of idiots. Always coming up some stupid ideas who to blame for their loses. They should have went to the arbitration you bunch of picker heads. What else are these chinks going to come with their lies and deceptions.

  9. I think the world should just stop dealing with China…. there are countries that can provide the same goods at the same quality and probably cheaper… The world has spoken on the sea dispute and they have ignored that independent decision..

  10. The Philippines really paid the PCA, but not as a bribe. The PCA gets its funds from the arbitration fees paid by the parties to arbitration, which in this case are China and the Philippines. These fees are not bribes of course.

  11. The Chinese government is acting absoultely stubborn and dumb.
    If they had won the dispute, they would now insist on the outcome and would insist that the place belongs to them. Otherwise there is no logical reason why they did take part in this tribunal in the first place. They must have planed from the beginning on only to listen to the judgement if it’s in their favour and to ignore it, if it’s not.
    If they hadn’t cared about the judgement at all, they could have said from the beginning on that they don’t want a tribunal. But that’s not the case.

  12. No doubt! What can you expect from an enemy of the Chinese ( Japanese) who selected 5 judges to make bias judgement against China!

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