Chinese media blast ‘eunuchs’ US, Japan; calls for increased military deployment in WPS

  • A Chinese state-run paper described US and Japan as the “worrying eunuchs” after the UN court ruling
  • It also downplayed the ‘mild’ reaction the ruling elicited from the Philippines
  • Amid the possibility of increasing US provocative actions, the publication urged more military deployment in the West Philippine Sea

The recent ruling of the United Nations arbitration court delegitimizing China’s claim of sovereignty over the group of islands in the West Philippine Sea does not deter Chinese media from sustaining its attack against the United States and Japan; two of the Philippines’ closest allies in the Asia-Pacific.

In an editorial, state-run Global Times described US and Japan as the ‘worrying eunuchs’ in a raging conflict that it said elicited not much but mere ‘mild’ reaction from the Philippines itself.

“On the contrary, the Philippines’ attitude is relatively mild. It described the award as a “milestone decision” and called for restraint,” read the editorial.

“An old Chinese saying goes “The emperor doesn’t worry but his eunuch does,” meaning the outsider is more anxious than the player. In this case, Washington and Tokyo are the worrying eunuchs,” the Global Times, a publication with close link to the Communist party, said.

However, the editorial added, the US, unlike its usual self, has not issued any rhetoric demanding a stop to the construction activities in the West Philippine Sea despite the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruling on July 12.

This purportedly “mirrors that the US hasn’t made the determination to use the arbitration for a showdown with China in the waters.”

“It seems that the US will have to go it alone if it wants to escalate tensions in the South China Sea,” it said. “Japan wants to step in, but Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe does not have the nerve.”

Nevertheless, it cautioned the Chinese government on the possibility that Washington might continue to conduct more proactive actions in the name of “freedom of navigation”, such as sending ships within 12 nautical miles off disputed islands more frequently than before.

Thus, the newspaper continued, there is an urgent concern for the Chinese military to increase its presence in the contested territory even as it asserts that China will never indulge the US to come closer within the territory in question.

“The People’s Liberation Army should enhance its military deployment in the waters of the Nansha Islands and be fully prepared to counterattack if the US makes further provocations,” the Global Times wrote.

“We do not wish for any direct confrontation or friction between the military powers from the two countries. But if Washington insists on doing so, we will never flinch,” it added.

On Tuesday, the PCA ruled in favor of the Philippines concluding there is no legal basis in China’s historic claims and that its activities in the disputed waters have violated the sovereign rights of the Philippines.