Coming soon to NAIA: Cleaner toilets, free WiFi, more aircon units and full CCTV system

  • Transportation Secretary vowed to improve utilities in PH’s main airport
  • He said local airline companies have agreed to create and maintain the airport’s toilets for free
  • This will allow the gov’t to concentrate its resources on improving security and services in NAIA
  • He has also asked Globe and PLDT to provide 1 GB of free WiFi in the airport

MANILA, Philippines – The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is getting a major revamp — starting with its toilets.

Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Secretary Art Tugade announced that local airline companies have to maintain NAIA’s toilets and washrooms at no cost to the government.

“One of the small, basic problems which irritated the community is the issue of maintenance of the washrooms and utilities inside the airport,” he told Rappler. “So it has come to me that one way to approach the issue of poor toilet maintenance is to remove that activity from government and give it to the people that are operating in the airport.”

Tugade said the measure will allow the government to divert its resources to upgrading the airport’s security and other utilities — including the airconditioning and CCTV system.

“Expect an operation that is fully CCTV-ized, expect an airport that is communication-friendly, expect our airport where the toilet no longer stinks and the airconditioning works well. Today is a meaningful day,” he said. “We are taking one big step to address issues that have made people in the Republic uncomfortable and angry.”

Aside from the airline companies, telecommunication giants PLDT and Globe have also been tapped by Tugade to provide 1 GB of free WiFi data.

“In due time, NAIA will also be communication-friendly. We are now working and hopefully, it will be in effect in the next 100 days: free WiFi, free one gigabyte,” he said.



  1. And one more thing. Change the name to its original -Manila International Airport. It sounds more sophisticated.

    • That’s never going to happen. The airport name was changed to Ninoy Aquino International Airport to honor Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr who was assassinated at that airport. It was changed by virtue of Republic Act No. 6639 and it will require changing the Philippine law to change the name. I doubt Duterte and his administration is clamoring for that kind of change. What’s more important is improving services at that airport. This airport has been listed as among the worst airports in the world for years and among the top 10 worst airports in Asia. The DOTC Secretary is going about it the right way by making these changes. Hopefully NAIA will become one of the best airports in the world someday.

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