Could this man be the missing child featured in ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’?

  • A missing child for 19 years was featured on the recent episode of KMJS
  • The Dollente family hopes the segment will help them be reunited with the missing boy
  • A man named Armstrong Miggy on Facebook was said to have a resemblance to the Dollentes and happens to be adopted

In the July 17 episode of GMA Network’s show ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho'(KMJS), a toddler that has been missing for 19 years was featured in the family’s hope to be reunited with him again.

In a segment of KMJS, the Dollente family sought help from the public in locating their missing son Earnest Miguel, or Earl, who was kidnapped in 1997 when he was just 2 years old.

“Naglalaro sila sa labas ng Ate Patty niya. It was around 4:30-5:00 PM, they were picking flowers. Binigay nila sa akin ‘yung flowers. Then he said ‘Love you, Mimi’,” The mother, Laurie, recounted.

[He and his older sister Patty were playing outside. It was around 4:30-5:00 PM, they were picking flowers. They gave me the flowers then he said ‘Love you, Mimi’.]

“Then he wanted to get some more flowers. He asked his Ate [older sister] if he could get some more. And then, so they went out. Little did I know that was going to be the last time that I’m going to see him,” she added.

Laurie, now suffering from stage 4 lung cancer, is hoping Earl will be reunited with the family. The Dollentes shared photos of the young Earl and pictures of his father in his 20s who possibly bears resemblance to Earl now.

“I don’t know if they call you Earl, but Earl is your name. Please, Anak [son], Mommy is sick. Come back to us. That’s all we pray eh,” she said.

After the episode was aired, several friends got in touch with Armstrong Miggy on Facebook – pointing out the resemblance to the missing boy. As it turns out, Miggy was adopted and there might be the possibility he is the missing boy.

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted and shared by The Summit Express, Miggy wrote: “Ito na siguro yung araw na pinaka inaantay ko. Hopefully, tama nga yung kutob ko. 2012 ko lang nalaman na ampon ako. Kwento ng itinuturing kong magulang, bata pa lang ako ng mapulot ako sa basurahan. Tanging yun lang ang kwento nila sa pagkatao ko.”

[This might be my most awaited day. Hopefully, my hunch is true. It was in 2012 that I found out I was adopted. According to my adoptive parents, I was still a child when they found me in the dumpster. That’s the only story they have of my identity.]

Miggy also shared in his post that he already contacted members of the KMJS team and the Dollentes. If needed, Miggy said, he will be willing to undergo a DNA test.

“Wala po akong balak manloko or manggulo. Parehas lang po tayong naghahanap ng kalinga ng isang ina at ng isang anak,” he said.

[I don’t plan to harm anyone. We’re both just searching for the love and care of a mother and of one’s child.]