Cracking down on China: Vietnam rejects Chinese passports with 9-Dash Line

  • Vietnamese authorities are rejecting Chinese passports bearing the 9-Dash Line
  • They won’ stamp the passports so as to avoid validating China’s territorial claim
  • Chinese entrants have to agree to use a separate visa or entry declaration to enter Vietnam
  • Such passports that have been mistakenly stamped will be subsequently voided

MANILA, Philippines – With China battered by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruling invalidating its 9-Dash Line in the West Philippine Sea, Vietnamese authorities are also ensuring their country doesn’t recognize the Asian giant’s territorial claims which has been described as “absurd”.

According to Tuoi Tre News, Vietnamese officials are refusing to stamp Chinese passports bearing the 9-Dash Line. Instead, they issue separate visas or let the Chinese entrants sign an entry declaration form.

Quang Ninh People’s Council Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Ky said they won’t stamp the Chinese passports with the 9-Dash Line so as to avoid recognizing China’s claim.

“By issuing separate visas, Vietnamese authorities can avoid directly stamping the passports, thus demonstrating Vietnam’s stance of not recognizing the nine-dash line in any form,” he said.

Travel agency director Tran Ngoc Tuan added it has been Vietnamese practice to deny use of such passports since their country does not recognize the 9-Dash Line.

“Holders of such passports have to agree to use a separate visa issued by Vietnam, without getting an entry stamp on their passports,” he said. “We explain to them that Vietnam would not put a stamp on their passports because the nine-dash line there has no value.

Customs officers in Vietnam’s Da Nang International Airport also said they have confiscated many maps from Chinese tourists which show China’s claims. They added that any Chinese passport bearing the 9-Dash Line and which was mistakenly stamped will be voided the next time the passenger returns.