Cristina Romualdez says daughter became stronger after VP Robredo issue

  • Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez’s daughter attacked VP Robredo on Twitter last May
  • She admitted that what her daughter, Sofia, said was wrong
  • She said Sofia became stronger and gained confidence after the issue

More than a month after the election, actress-turned-politician Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez said her 16-year-old daughter Sofia became stronger after earning the ire of the supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Sofia used foul language in her tweet to question then-vice presidential candidate Robredo’s qualification for the job as vice president.

She later on apologized and explained that what she said about Robredo was out of frustration and anger.

“I’m human and I make mistakes too, I’m sorry if I offended anyone,” she added.

Robredo’s closest rival in the vice presidential race was Bongbong Marcos, who is the cousin of Cristina’s husband, Alfred Romualdez.

According to an article published by Philippine Entertainment Portal, Cristina said her daughter gained confidence with what happened.

She disclosed that her daughter has lots of fans in Tacloban who defended her when the issue came out, but admitted that what Sofia said was wrong.

“Sabi ko nga sa kanya, you can’t please everyone, but of course, mali ‘yung sinabi niya. Sabi ko, ‘Next time, think of what you ano… kasi she didn’t mean it.”

[I told her that she can’t please everyone, but of course, what she said was wrong. I told her that next time she needs to think first, because she didn’t mean what she said.]

She added that her daughter is a good girl and probably just got carried away by her emotions then.

Cristina had also apologized for her daughter’s Twitter post against VP Robredo.

On her Facebook account last May 11, the Tacloban City mayor  wrote: “In behalf of my daughter Sofia, I APOLOGIZE FOR SUCH WORDS SHE TWEETED ABT LENY. As a mother and most especially as a Christian I do NOT approve of such words.  She is very apologetic and learning. Sofia is  16 so I believe she didn’t realize what she was doing. I have met Leny when we went to the wake of her husband and I know she does not deserve such words. SOFIA ALREADY APOLOGIZED SO I HOPE WE ALL FORGIVE AND LOVE HER SHE IS STILL VERY YOUNG . MAY GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY. PLS PRAY FOR EACH OTHER AND LOVE AND FORGIVE. I BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT OUR COUNTRY NEEDS. MY KIDS WENT THROUGH A LOT DURING THE DISASTER And WITNESSED EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED . We all ALMOST LOST OUR LIVES SO I HV BEEN ALWAYS PRAYING FOR MY CHILDREN TO REALLY GET OVER THAT EVENT IN THEIR LIVES. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING”