Director of ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Princess Diaries’ Garry Marshall passes away at 81

  • Director Garry Marshall dies at age 81 on July 19
  • He died due to complications of pneumonia after suffering from stroke
  • Marshall was known for directing successful films ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Princess Diaries’

Hollywood icon and prolific director Garry Marshall has died at age 81.

USA Today said in its story that the comedian passed away at 5:00 in the afternoon (Pacific Time) on Tuesday, July 19 due to complications of pneumonia after suffering from stroke. He died in a hospital in Burbank, California.

Marshall was best known for being the creative and funny brain behind hit television series “Happy Days”, “Laverne & Shirley” and films “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride”.

He broke into entertainment by writing jokes in the 1960s. By the year 1970, he wrote his first television hit, “The Odd Couple”. This was followed by other successful series which includes “Mork & Mindy” which opened a career for Robin Williams.

He then tried his skills in filmmaking during the 1980s when he produced “The Flamingo Kid”, “Overboard” and “Beaches”.

But he was most loved for the romantic comedies he produced which gave gorgeous female actresses their major breaks. She directed Julia Roberts in the 1990 film “Pretty Woman” and Anne Hathaway in 2001’s “The Princess Diaries”.

Colleagues and friends shared some words of sentiment for the departed director.

“A great, great guy and the best casino boss in the history of film,” actor and director Albert Brooks tweeted.

While Richard Gere, who played Roberts’ leading man in “Pretty Woman” reminisced the dear director’s character: “everyone loved Garry. He was a mentor and a cheerleader and one of the funniest men who ever lived. He had a heart of the purest gold and a soul full of mischief. He was Garry.”

“Garry Marshall, forever in my heart,” Hathaway tweeted with photos of some behind-the-scenes of  “Princess Diaries”.