Dog gets tongue sliced after accidentally licking paper shredder

  • A dog accidentally turned on a paper shredder which resulted to her tongue being sliced into eight sections
  • Ruby, a black labrador, was trying to get cat food that spilled on the paper shredder
  • Vets managed to stitch the injured parts of her tongue back 

It was Ruby’s unlucky day when she accidentally licked a paper shredder while it was plugged in; leaving eight slices on her tongue.

The Black Labrador suffered injuries when she tried to save the cat food that had fallen inside the paper shredder.

Based on the Mirror’s report, the vets at the County Veterinary Clinic Taunton in Somerset operated on Ruby for two hours. Those two hours were spent stitching together the inch-long cuts that were made on her tongue.

35-year-old son of Ruby’s owner, Chard, was the one who discovered the gruesome injuries.

“It was definitely a bit of a knee trembler, it was so gruesome. I was looking after Ruby and had just been getting ready for work when I noticed blood all over the kitchen and she was looking a bit sheepish,” he recalled.

“I have a table just above the shredder which I put the cat’s food on so my dog doesn’t eat it and I think Ruby must have knocked it off and some food had fallen in the shredder. I never leave the shredder on and it seemed like it was just a series of unfortunate things that all happened,” he continued.

He said he went to check on Ruby immediately but the bleeding in the dog’s mouth has already stopped; indicating that the accident must have taken place the previous night. There was blood all over the kitchen floor and the carpet on the hallway.

Ruby’s injuries were severe but she is out of harm’s way now. Her tongue, however, will be permanently scarred.

“It was horrible though, I rushed her straight to the vets and they were really good about it all, they operated straight away. For the first couple of days Ruby had to be spoon fed but when she came back from her operation she was playing in the garden like nothing had happened,” Chard said.

The vets who operated on Ruby believe she must have accidentally turned the automatic paper shredder on while trying to get the cat food that fell into it.

Dr. Dan Holden MRCVS who leads the team specializing in emergency and intensive care at the Country Veterinary Clinic said they are relieved that Ruby has recovered from the accident.

“It was pretty horrific, that poor dog – it’s definitely something you don’t see every day. We operated straight away and managed to clean up the tongue and stitch it back together,” Liz Hynes, Veterinary Surgeon at the Clinic, said.