Don’t discriminate please: Baste Duterte says public should not pre-judge tattooed people and Muslims

  • Son of President Duterte spoke out against discrimination during convention
  • He said the public should not presume people with tattoos and piercings are drug addicts or rebellious
  • He pointed out there are people who are drug addicts but have no tattoos or piercings
  • He also urged them not to pre-judge Muslims, shared his own experience with discrimination

MANILA, Philippines – Say no to discrimination.

During the FightCon convention held over the weekend, presidential son Baste Duterte urged the public not to pre-judge people who either wear tattoos and piercings, or practice the Islamic faith.

According to Duterte, having tattoos and piercings does not automatically mean someone is a rebel or a drug addict.

“Hindi ibig sabihin kapag may hikaw ka sa bibig at may tattoo ka sa katawan, addict ka na, rebellious na. No. It’s not always ganoon,” ABS-CBN quoted him as saying.

[Just because you have a lip piercing or you have a tattoo on your body, (people assume) you’re an addict or rebellious. No. It’s not always like that.]

Duterte pointed out that there are people who look spic-and-span on the outside but are in reality drug users themselves.

On Muslims, Duterte shared how his classmates in San Beda assumed he was a Muslim just because he came from Mindanao. He said they even thought of Muslims as bad people right away.

“I studied in San Beda. Akala ng mga kaklase ko, dahil taga Mindanao ako, Muslim na ako. Ano ba iyon, ‘di ba? It’s not even bad to be a Muslim pero bakit may ganun silang idea na kapag taga Mindanao, Muslim ka na? I’m not saying it’s discrimination but pakiusap naman, open your minds,” he said.

[I studied in San Beda. My classmates thought that since I came from Mindanao, I was Muslim. [What the heck, right? It’s not even bad to be a Muslim but why do they have that idea that if someone’s from Mindanao, you’re a Muslim? I’m not saying it’s discrimination but please, open your minds.]

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ABS-CBN, Facebook