Duterte blasts critics who say drug campaign anti-poor, hints at Chinese as the real big fish

  • President blasted critics who say police only targeting the poor small-time pushers
  • He invited them to visit him so they’ll know who the big-time drug lords are
  • He also hinted at Chinese nationals running the drug trade in the country

MANILA, Philippines – He may have to invade another country?

Commenting on criticism that his anti-drug campaign was primarily targeting the poor and small-time drug pushers, President Rodrigo Duterte shot back and said it would not be easy given that the country’s top drug lords may not even be Filipinos.

In his speech at the Biomas Power plant in Buluan town, Maguindanao, Duterte — while not giving the name of the country where these drug lords hailed from — was apparently referring to China.

“Where will I get the big fish? These people  keep on writing that only the small-time drug dealers are being arrested. They think they know a lot. They keep asking why only the small fish are being arrested,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying. “Hey, I have to invade a country to arrest the drug lords. I will not name the country, but obviously, it is known to you.”

Several Chinese nationalities have been arrested for drug offenses in the past weeks — with one of the most recent apprehended a woman who tried to smuggle several kilograms of shabu into Cebu.

The police also reported the death of suspected big-time drug lord and Chinese national Meco Tan after he tried to escape following a raid on his shabu laboratory in Valenzuela.

Duterte also dared his critics to go with him to his intelligence room so they can see for themselves how they are working to catch the country’s drug lords and finally shut up.

“That’s the problem with Filipinos, many pretend to be bright when they are not,” Duterte said.