Duterte promises athletes: I’ll give you funding from the pockets of tax-evading oligarchs

  • President Duterte vowed to increase more funds to support the country’s athletes
  • He said he will do so by improving PH’s tax collection services
  • He will especially go after those rich oligarchs who shirk from paying taxes to the gov’t

MANILA, Philippines – Athletes seeking glory for the country can expect better funding under this administration as President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to give them a better budget using the unpaid taxes of the country’s oligarchs.

In his speech at the sendoff ceremony for the country’s Rio-bound contestants, the president blasted the wealthy who shirk from complying with their tax obligations. He said it is shameful for them to continue “to wallow in the filth of wealth” while the country struggles to train its athletes.

“Tayo dito, we’re trying to train athletes for our country for the greater glory of this Philippines. Hirap tayo kung saan tayo [We’re having a hard time as it is]. And yet, the oligarchs continue to wallow in the filth of wealth, I said, and enjoying the fat of this nation and they don’t really bother paying taxes,” GMA News quoted him as saying.

Duterte, who said the country loses at least P300 million a day in unpaid taxes, subsequently promised he would get the money from these non-paying oligarchs and give them to the athletes so they can train with better facilities and support.

“So that is why I said I assure you during my time, I will get the money from the pockets of those who are not paying and give it to you to train,” he said. “Be comfortable in the thought that in the coming days, you will have more support because I will collect taxes. Be assured that graft and corruption will stop right on its tracks.”

The country is sending 12 athletes to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.