Duterte to set up 24-hour people’s hotline

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte ordered the establishment of a citizens’ hotline
  • The hotline will serve as a venue where Filipinos can air their complaints and concerns
  • It will be manned by 10 operators over the entire country

To bring the government closer to the Filipinos, President Rodrigo Duterte during his first-ever meeting with his Cabinet officials after his inauguration as the 16th highest leader of the country, announced that a 24-hour hotline will be set up to receive people’s complaints and concerns.

“I am setting up a complaint office 24 hours manned by 10 operators over the entire country,” Duterte was quoted saying as disclosed in an article written by Patricia Lourdes Viray on Philippine Star.

As explained by the new president, the concerns or complaints of Filipinos will be relayed to the proper government agencies through the hotline.

“The number would be 8888 and they can report to me any complaint and there will be a manager who will read their complaints with the proper office,” he stated.

After his Cabinet meeting in Malacañang, Duterte  headed straight to a “solidarity dinner” with the poor where he openly discussed about the planned citizen’s hotline.

“Kung kayo’y inabuso, kung kayo’y pinagsanamantalahan, kung may hindi kayo nagustuhan sa gobyerno, tumawag kayo, day and night, at ‘yung mga importanteng problema na nakikita ko, aksyunan ko kaagad,” he said as he further explained he would take action by calling the mayor, police, or barangay captain of the concerned citizen.

[If you are abused, exploited, if there is something in the government you do not like, call – day and night – and the important problems I see, I will address immediately.]

In stressing this, the new president asked the public not to make prank calls to his hotline.

“Just tell me the truth. Huwag kayo mag-imbento ng istorya….Huwag mong ubusin ang panahon ng gobyerno,” he stated.

[Don’t invent stories. Don’t waste the government’s time.]

Meanwhile, there is an existing office under the Office of the President (OP) which performs a similar function, the President Action Center (PACE)  which the public can reach via snail mail, e-mail, or landline.