Duterte to ‘shameless’ mayors: Use public’s money to clean cities instead of buying personal things

  • President Duterte angered by the presence of garbage in the cities
  • He lambasted mayors who use public money for their own gain instead of cleaning their cities
  • He reminded them that the public pays them to their jobs, promised to make them accountable

MANILA, Philippines – As far as President Rodrigo Duterte is concerned, it’s time to take out the trash.

In a press conference at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) headquarters in Davao City, the Chief Executive made his disdain for garbage known after he lambasted mayors and other local officials who fail to keep their cities and areas clean.

“The Philippines is so dirty, the mayors are not doing anything,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying. “There is trash and garbage around and yet we have to wait  for the plastic to enter  the drainage so every time there’s a downpour, excessive rain, water, there is clogging.”

He reminded the mayors that the public is paying them to keep their cities clean.

“The mayors who are not performing, you make your city clean and peaceful. That is why you are being paid, that is why you are in your beautiful offices,” he said.

Duterte also blasted those who use public funds for personal gain instead of using it to benefit the people.

“You use it to buy furniture, beautiful cars like (a Toyota) Land Cruiser, (or Chevrolet) Suburban. You have no shame,” he said.

Due to the proliferation of this practice, the president vowed to make the mayors and local officials accountable by having a special team review the funds they control.

“I will create a special team. I will review everything including your intelligence funds because those are the easiest to pocket,” he said.