Duterte’s SONA will not be a fashion show — Malacañang

  • President Duterte will do away with the traditional extravagance witnessed during SONAs
  • The dress code will be changed to a simpler business attire
  • Palace said the dress code will be implemented throughout the entire Duterte Administration

In his first State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Rodrigo Duterte will do away with the traditional entrance — a grand red carpet show put on by the members of the Congress and their spouses — in order to give way to substantive governance.

According to incoming Finance Department spokesperson Paola Alvarez, the dress code for President Duterte’s first SONA, to be held in Batasan Pambansa on July 25, will be changed from the extravagant fashion seen from previous SONAs to a more modest business attire, as per an article published by CNN.

In a press briefing at the Malacañang Palace, Alvarez said: “We will downplay the event. It will not be a fashion show. We want to center on what the President’s message is to our people especially it’s his first State of the Nation Address. So it will be a different take because our guests will be requested not to wear their gowns as what we have previously been seeing in the past SONAs.”

Guests in previous SONAs have been noted for their lavish sartorial choices, which the current administration wants to step away from, , as per an article published by GMA News. The female guests will have to depart from their usual long gowns. They can still choose to wear a Filipiniana but it must be kept at knee-length.

Alvarez said the new dress code will be implemented throughout Duterte’s presidency.

“During the previous SONAs, most people see that this is an occasion where people tend to flaunt their gowns, their dresses. We want to step away from this norm that has become and we want to bring back the real essence of the State of the Nation,” Alvarez explained.

Alvarez also shared that the number of the Congressional entourage to welcome the President and escort him to the plenary hall will be kept to a bare minimum.

“So instead of having a lot of congressmen there, we will be minimizing this to the Senate President and the Speaker of the House and afterward we will have the majority floor leader of both Houses to escort the President,” she said.