Envelope from Japan allows you to give the ‘galaxy’ to your loved ones

  • An envelope from a Japan store allows you to give the “galaxy” to your loved ones
  • The envelopes contain an astronomically correct depiction of the starry night sky
  • A set of five envelopes costs $95; while an online store sells a piece for $10

I will give you the moon. I will give you the stars.

We often hear these lines in romantic films. An envelope being sold in Japan, however, allows you to give the “galaxy” to your loved ones.

In an article written by Ruta Grasyte of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that a store in Japan, Japan Trend Shop, is selling envelopes that contain galaxies inside them.

“Mail your friends a little part of the universe with this envelope of constellations. The Japanese are famous for creating miniatures, but with the Hoshi-zora Star-filled Envelope they’ve really outdone themselves: this set consists of five envelopes, each one of which contains the night sky! An astronomically correct depiction of the night sky with countless bright stars is featured on the inside of the envelope. The only thing you need to do is cut the envelope open and look inside,” the store wrote in its website.

Each envelope can give the recipients a chance to relax while gazing at the “night sky.”

“Perfect for a gift to that special someone or for yourself after a hard day’s work, you can gaze at a starry sky you normally can’t see in the city. Get it back with this five-pack of Hoshi-zora Star-filled Envelopes!” Japan Trend Shop stated.

The shop offers a set of five envelopes which costs $95. You can also buy one envelope individually through Kaminokousakujo online store for about $10.

Meanwhile, Japan Trend shop said “If you send it to someone, a note is included instructing [him/her] to look inside so it won’t be mistaken for trash.”