Feeding program bringing more students to school

Supported with Istana Foundation’s, the Bakasyunan Resort and Staff delivered another feeding a success; modeled after the foundation designed to support the school children in remote areas. The improvements in maintainable School Feeding project are on-going projects in various remote places in Iba, Zambales and in Tanay Rizal. The project developers were concerned that it could be difficult for schools to buy enough food locally in these far mountainous remote areas.

Istana Foundation representative Franklin Macalino said, our goal is to improve the child or children’s overall health, and give them the basic nutrition to behave like children should and even excel in school”.

In Sitio Ulpoy mountain part of Iba Zambales and in the rocky road to Rawang Elementary school in Sierra Madre mountain, Tanay Rizal, while most children are excited to attend their school, however, for some parents, they worry about where their children will get breakfast or lunch before attending their classes.

With the Istana Foundation initiative this school season 2016, over 700 local and native children will be provided with breakfast and lunch to feed hungry children in those communities. Lunch Express is provided for some remote areas that is difficult for students to get to a feeding site. Some sites began their feeding programs in June 2016.

Prepared by the Bakasyunan Resort Food Service, providing nutritious meals help children in low-income remote areas get the nutrition they need to learn, play, and grow through,,out the four weeks feeding plan. .

A feeding program is available for a four (4) weeks plan for every school for children 1-15 years old to receive meals at no cost through the program. All meals meet nutrition standards based on basic guidelines to be delivered and served in several sites throughout Zambales and Tanay, Rizal.

Allan Tuppil, Bakasyunan Resort General Manager, said this year the Feeding Program began last June. The program is in its 5th year and has added new sites in hopes to reach more children in some remote areas over the year.

“We have expanded and have more locations than ever. We are trying to meet the needs and insecurities of food for the children in these locations. This year feeding program will go through September,” he added.