Filipina artist to sell her paintings in Luneta Park for sick mom

  • A Filipina artist will be selling her artworks in Luneta Park on Saturday, July 30
  • Genesis ‘Gini’ Aala will sell her masterpieces to raise P100,000 for her mom’s operation
  • A group of artists will also perform in Luneta and accept cash donation

Twenty-two-year-old artist Genesis “Gini” Aala treasures her art so much. But now, she will have to let them go for something more important — the life of her ailing mom.

“Lahat kaya niya isakripisyo para sa amin. Sobra siyang magmahal. Lagi niya akong binabantayan sa daan kapag ginagabi ako. Tuwang-tuwa sya kapag may uwi akong chocolate at biscuit sa kanya tulad ng lagi niyang inuuwi sa akin noong bata pa ako. Ayokong mawala siya. (She is always willing to sacrifice everything for us. She loves us so much. She waits for me along the road when I go home late at night. She is delighted each time I bring her chocolates and biscuits, which she used to give me when I was young. I don’t want to lose her),” Gini told Manila Bulletin‘s Charina Clarisse Echaluce in an interview.

In 2013, Gini’s mom, Emma, a Grade 2 teacher at the Carlos S. Batino Sr. Memorial Elementary, found out that she has a cyst in the ovary. Doctors prescribed a medicine for her illness but advised her to undergo an operation before her condition worsens.

Emma, however, refused to undergo the operation because of financial incapability. That time, the family’s only source of income was her salary as a teacher and her husband’s pay from being a construction worker. One of their five children is also an epileptic and in need of continuous medication. Gini, the eldest child, volunteered to stop studying but Emma did not allow her.

After they found out, later, that the cyst got smaller, Emma stopped her medication. Gini said they thought her mother no longer have the cyst in her ovary — until the latter was rushed to the hospital last week. Prior to that, Emma had a continuous menstruation for three weeks; which was not menstruation but bleeding caused by her illness.

At present, Emma is confined at the Korea-Philippines Friendship Hospital in Trece Martires City, Cavite. For her operation, the family needs almost P100,000.

Luneta event

Gini’s fellow artists and friends at The Bet Sins Community, the ones behind the famous Facebook art and literature page Betsins-artparasites, will also have music and spoken word performances in Luneta Park.

The Bet Sins, which is the same group that held the “Bigas Hindi Bala” event for Kidawapan farmers at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines earlier, will accept cash donations for Gini’s mother. Those who want to help may look for Joshua Urbano, one of the group’s founders. The group will be at the Luneta on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, people who want to donate blood may contact Gini at 09953789970.

Check out Gini’s paintings on her album.