First Pokemon live-action movie confirmed, thanks to the success of ‘Pokemon Go’

  •  First-ever Pokemon live-action movie to be produced soon
  •  New Pokemon film will be based on a mystery Pokemon game Great Detective Pikachu
  •  Producing companies have not released any plot details about the Pokemon movie

Following the success of the augmented-reality mobile game Pokemon Go, Legendary Entertainment and The Pokemon Company tied for a deal to produce the first-ever live action Pokemon movie.

Reports said that the movie will be based on another Pokemon adventure game, and not Pokemon Go, Great Detective Pikachu which was released just this year for the Nintendo 3DS.

Great Detective Pikachu – the game, focuses more on Pikachu’s prowess to unravel mysteries, and not much on battling with fellow pokemons and using the extraordinarily powerful Thunderbolt. It is expected that the movie will go the same.

In addition, a speaking Pikachu is also expected to be seen in the movie.

The producing companies have not released any plot details about the film except that it will be based on the mentioned mystery Pokemon game.

As per a Wired (Uk) story, the production will begin next year and is expected to fast-track the development of the film.

Universal Pictures, according to a Deadline’s story, will be the official distributor of the film except for Japan which will be distributed by Pokemon Company’s longtime movie collaborator Toho.

Don McGowan, General Counsel at the Pokémon Company International brokered the deal with outside counsel Dan Black of Greenberg Traurig. Marty Willhite, Legendary’s COO and General Counsel along with Daniel Feinberg, VP-Corporate Counsel and Mike Ross, SVP Business and Legal Affairs, represented the studio.

The phenomenal success of the mobile game Pokemon Go really lifted Pokemon into a higher level of fame.

Pokemon started as a a role-paying game with an element strategy for the Nintendo’s Game Boy.

Players, according to a Wikipedia article, have two general goals; (a) to collect all the available Pokemon species found in the fictional region where the game is taking place and (b) to train the Pokemons they have collected to compete against other trainers.

Later on, it received spin-offs from manga’s, trading cards, movies, and animated series.

Watch this now-circulating teaser for the new Pokemon movie: