Friends and family support Ian King’s transformation; Iza Calzado shares vid of “Angelina” and wife Joey kissing

  • Victoria Court heir and car aficionado’s family and friends have supported his move to come out
  • Wife Joey also supportive, is shown kissing “Angelina” in a viral video shared by actress Iza Calzado
  • King won’t give any interviews for now, is looking for time off to let everything sink in

MANILA, Philippines – Family and friends of Ian Mead King, now known as “Angelina”, have rallied behind her after she came out as a “transwoman”.

Her brother, Atticus, introduced her to the world as his sister on his Instagram account.

“Here’s a pic with my former kuya who is now my ate. Meet my “new” sister,” he wrote.

Celebrities like Iza Calzado, Iya Villania-Arellano, and Bianca Gonzalez-Intal also congratulated Angelina for coming out and assured her of their support.

On her Instagram, Calzado even shared a brief video of Angelina kissing her wife Joey Mead King.

“This is love! Took a snap of these two people whose love for each other has amazed me through the years,” Calzado wrote. “Thank you for inspiring us with this kind of love. I am also very happy for your newfound freedom.”

King, a car aficionado who is also heir to the Victoria Court chain of motels, identified as a transwoman over the weekend; ending years of speculation over her gender.

Although she has granted Philippine Star’s Tim Yap an interview, King herself has declined to give any more details for now. She also asked the public for privacy so she can take some time off to relax.

“I am feeling pressured since so much people are now watching me and my family so I hope we can get some privacy till everything sinks in! Thank you so much,” she said.

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