Gilbert Bulawan’s death shows need for basic CPR knowledge — PHA

  • Basketball player Gilbert Bulawan’s death could have been prevented with basic CardioPulmonary Resuscitation 
  • Philippine Heart Association said Bulawan’s demise shows need for basic CPR knowledge
  • CPR bill will lapse into law if no action is done to it by the Office of the President until July 17

The death of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Gilbert Bulawan only reflects the need for basic CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) education, the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) said; believing that his story could have ended differently had Filipinos been equipped with basic CPR knowledge.

In an article written by Charina Clarisse Echaluce of Manila Bulletin, it was disclosed that the PHA, citing also the cardiac arrest suffered by basketball legend Samboy Lim in 2014, reiterated that there is really a massive need for the knowledge on basic CPR which is also called “hands-only CPR” or “bystander CPR.”

“Since they are both professional basketball players, mere mention of the CPR Law will evoke the names of Samboy and Bulawan. The public will appreciate the value of being CPR-equipped,” said PHA CPR-Ready Philippines Adviser Dr. Alex Junia.

Recently, Bulawan, 29, passed away after collapsing during a team practice in Quezon City.

Meanwhile, in 2014, Lim suffered cardiac arrest during an exhibition game in Pasig City and had been on comatose for more than a month. Doctors who attended to Lim said if he was given CPR during the three-minute window period, then the damage to his body would have been minimized.

CPR is an emergency procedure applied when someone’s heart stopped beating. The basic CPR, however, is a simple and inexpensive, basic, hands only-CPR consisting of a technique using repetitive pumping of the chest to keep enough oxygen and blood flowing to the brain. Being designed for the lay, the procedure uses the hands alone; meaning no mouth-to-mouth resuscitation involved.

CPR Bill

The CPR Bill, also known as House Bill No. 6204 or Senate Bill 3204, is an act that requires basic education students to undergo age-appropriate basic life support or CPR training.

“CPR saves lives and you don’t have to be a doctor or a health professional to do CPR. Even children as young as eight years old can be taught age-appropriate CPR. They can already be CPR-savvy to save lives,” Junia noted.

This July 17, the bill is expected to lapse into law if no other action is done to it by the Office of the President.

“We are confident that President [Rodrigo Duterte] will give his 100 percent approval. The law will give more muscle to the CPR-Ready Philippines goal of the PHA,” said Junia said.

The doctor added that hands-only CPR has been in the basic education curriculum the United States, Europe, Japan, and Singapore; stressing that the country needs to catch up.