Harry Potter-inspired nursery gets attention online

  • A Harry Potter-inspired nursery is getting a lot of attention online
  • Parents Kaycee and Casey created a Hogwarts nursery for their 7-month-old son
  • 3D artist Nate Baranowski is the one behind the murals

A Harry Potter-themed nursery, which was created for a seven-month-old baby, is getting thousands of attention online.

In an article written by Ruta Grasyte of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that Illinois-based parents, Kaycee and Casey, created a magical Hogwarts nursery for their little son — with the help of their friend, 3D artist Nate Baranowski.

It was Casey, a huge Harry Potter fan, who brought up the idea. The couple eventually decided to push through with the plan.

The nursery, which took about three months to design, features a mural which was completed by Baranowski, plus Harry Potter-themed blankets, artwork, all seven books from the series, and more magical accessories.

Kaycee posted some photos of the nursery on Facebook.

“Our Harry Potter nursery is finally complete after several months of planning!” Kaycee wrote. “I absolutely love the way everything turned out! As I sit here rocking our little man to sleep it’s like I am in Hogwarts!”

The post got a lot of attention from people online. As of posting, it has earned more than 6,100 likes and have been shared nearly 1,800 times.

It has also been receiving a lot of comments.

“This is the most awesome nursery I have ever seen. I love your window mural and the detail is so great. Your little wizard is a lucky boy!” said Facebook user S.R.

“You won the hearts of us all too! Now everyone wants to do this for their kid (imaginary or not),” B.R. wrote.

” I want to do an HP nursery as well and this is so inspiring!! I only wish I had the time to paint something like this. This is literally the most beautiful nursery I’ve ever seen. You must never want to leave!” commented J.M.