Heartbroken boy told his favorite toy is not lost but traveling the world, and what follows is amazing!

  • A heartbroken boy was told that his favorite toy is not lost but traveling the world
  • Parents then posted a photo of his toy elephant and asked for help from Photoshop experts
  • Photoshop experts responded, superimposing the missing toy into beautiful locations worldwide

As a child, most of us have at least one favorite toy which we often bring with us; something that we never want to lose. Similarly, a young boy lost his beloved toy elephant and he was so heartbroken.

Good thing is that his parents and photoshop experts came to the rescue.

In an article that was posted on Bored Panda, it was disclosed that the boy’s parents came up with a brilliant plan; telling their son that his cuddly buddy is not missing at all. They told him that his toy elephant just decided to travel the world.

The parents then sought the help of a friend who’s a Reddit user. The friend posted the picture of the toy elephant; calling Photoshop experts to help them and superimpose their son’s missing toy into different places.

“Friend’s son lost his favorite toy. Parents said the elephant is traveling around the world. Would love to share images of his travels with the son,” the friend wrote.

A lot of Reddit users responded to the call and edited the photo of the toy elephant.

Many users also shared their thoughts about the plan.

“I just woke up and can only take so much cuteness right now!” wrote sault9.

“If someone could find this exact toy and make him a little briefcase with stickers from all over the world on it and the pictures printed inside, and send it back to the family, that would be ridiculous,” commented BuzzLitebeerSR.

“Your contributions are amazing, and you did a good job with the lighting and other effects that make the toy not look like he was photoshopped in,” said Raveynfyre.

“Okay, I’ve been trying not to tear up through this whole thread. This one got me,” expressed goggle_pocket.

Amazingly, it’s not only the boy who has become excited over this. And you can guess why.

As of posting, the Bored Panda article already has over 184,000 views.