How a woman spent a honeymoon without her honey

  • A woman went to Greece for a honeymoon even without her husband
  • The couple’s honeymoon plan pushed through even after the husband was denied a visa
  • Wife Huma Mobin was just accompanied by her in-laws

A wife has been getting a lot of attention online because of the way she made the most of the situation even if things have already backfired. She went to Greece and started “honeymooning alone” despite the absence of her husband.

In an article written by James Gould-Bourn of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that newly wed couple Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever Bhatt planned to spend their honeymoon in Greece. Things, however, did not work out as planned because Bhatt was denied a visa.

He, however, thought that the planned second honeymoon with Bhatt’s parents should still push through despite what happened. To note, the entire holiday have been paid.

Bhatt talked to Mobin who initially refused to go, but agreed later on with her husband’s suggestion. She packed her bags and headed off to Greece with her in-laws.

“I cried my eyes out, I didn’t want to go. But my husband made me understand that it would be a lot of money going to waste,” she told ABC News.

While in Greece, however, she shared that her husband remained in her mind. In order to still share the trip with him, she decided to document the 10-day vacation in a unique way; pretending that she is putting her arm over his shoulders. She also gave remarkable facial expressions.

“I went to Greece without my husband and I missed him very muches,” Mobin captioned the photo which she shared on Facebook.

A lot of Internet users shared the photos in different social networking sites.

Mobin is not the first who did the pose though. After their engagement last July, Bhatt took a trip to Budapest and posted a photo with his invisible fiancée to show her how much he missed her.