Husband dies after his wife grabbed and squeezed his private parts during heated fight

  • A Vietnamese wife ends being questioned by police for the death of her husband whose testicles she grabbed and squeezed with all her might during a heated fight
  • The husband had earlier forcefully barged into his estranged wife’s home which led to a commotion
  • The man died as he was rushed to a hospital

Hell hath no fury like a very furious mother?

A Vietnamese wife who’s also a mother to two daughters is being questioned for the death of her spouse after she grabbed and squeezed her husband’s testicles during a heated fight for at least five minutes.

The tragic incident took place on Sunday night in the southern Vietnamese province of Tien Giang when the 53-year-old man, Le Kim Khai, went to his estranged wife’s home.

Phan Thi Kim Chuong, aged 55, and their two daughters, had refused to let him. Instead of leaving, Khai forced his way in by cutting the lock on the door with a hand-saw and a fight ensued between the estranged couple.

In a story by Vietnam’s Tuoi Tre News, it was disclosed that Khai had repeatedly hit Chuong with his fist, which their daughters had witnessed as they begged for their father to stop. Khai then turned on one of his daughters and started assaulting her as well; something that most mothers can’t stand – the sight of their children being beaten.

The mother then screamed for help as she struggled to fight off her husband’s attacks — by grabbing his testicles — which had apparently put him down to the floor. The furious wife seized the moment to jump on her husband’s belly, while still squeezing his private parts.

Neighbors who finally responded to her screams for help told her to let go of her hold which had taken around five minutes. Khai had reportedly lost consciousness and died on the way to a hospital.

It was revealed through an autopsy that the husband “had food stuck on his windpipe during the incident, and died from tracheal effusion, which led to suffocation.”

The Tien Giang police was told by Chuong of the numerous assaults done by Khai in the past, but she added that what she did to her husband’s private parts was only meant to ‘warn’ him and not to kill him.