Ingenious: PNR passenger avoids crowd, climbs onto train’s luggage compartment

  • A commuter photographed fellow passenger beating the crowd in an unusual way
  • The passenger climbed onto the train’s luggage compartment and laid there
  • The rest of the passengers all had a good laugh at his creativity

MANILA, Philippines – No space? No problem!

On Facebook, commuter Edmer Bade shared a very unusual photo of a fellow passenger creatively avoiding the crowd inside the cabin of a jampacked Philippine National Railway (PNR) train.

In the photo, the man can be seen lying on top of the luggage compartment area to avoid the crowd below him.

“Sa sobrang siksikan sa tren kanina. Kung anu-ano na lang ang naiisipan ng mga tao!” read the caption on the photograph.

[Because of the heavy crowding inside the train, look what some people would do.]

Later on, Bade explained to ABS-CBN that the man climbed the luggage compartment at around 8 PM after the train made a brief stopover at FTI Station.

He said the man was able to climb there because of the brief space provided by the departing passengers.

“Ginawa niya po ‘yun nu’ng time na naglabasan po ‘yung mga bababa ng FTI Station at bago pumasok po ‘yung mga bagong sasakay kaya medyo lumuwag po. Kaya nakaayat siya,” Bade said.

[He did that while there was space as passengers were disembarking at the FTI Station and before new passengers could go inside. That’s why he managed to climb.]

Bade added that the man’s fellow passengers had a good laugh at his creativity.

“Walang pumigil sa lalaki, nagulat na lang daw sila kasi mabilis nakaakyat, tapos nagtawanan na lang sila,” he said.

[No one stopped the man, they were surprised because it was a quick climb, then they all laughed.]

Passengers have frequently complained about the hellish conditions of Metro Manila’s trains.

Source :

ABS-CBN, Facebook