Instagram Favorite: Brinks — a dog who always has a reason to smile

  • A smiling dog named Brinks is now an Instagram favorite
  • Brinks was a stray puppy wandering the streets of Brooklyn when it was found by Jon
  • The dog has more than 25,400 followers on Instagram at present

A  smiling dog named Brinks is now an Instagram favorite; having thousands of followers on the social media platform.

In an article written by Kimber Gee of Barkpost, it was disclosed that  the famous smiling pit bull was a stray 11-month-old puppy wandering the streets of Brooklyn when it was found by Jon. Jon was walking outside with his dog, Demo, at the time.

At first, Jon was nervous because he was not sure how the two puppies would get along. To his surprise, however, the two liked each other.

Jon decided to take Brinks with him and tried to find his owners. He started posting flyers and checking missing and lost dog reports. After a month, however, he just decided to adopt the dog.

And he does not regret it!

“The most amazing thing is how Brinks grins like a human frequently in response to situations he enjoys, especially in the house. He smiles for treats, he smiles when you greet him in the morning and when he’s sleeping. He grins when he rides in the car, when he lies in the sun (or in front of the fire) and whenever he generally seems happy,” shared Jon.

This December, Brinks will turn 13 years old.

Instagram favorite

At present, Brinks’ smile does not only light up Jon’s home — it also brightens up the day of many Instagram users.

“What an adorable smiling face,” said Instagram user @petalmelbourne.

“Such a sweet pretty face. I want to give [Brinks] a kiss,” @vonbeasley commented.

“Love your big smile, Brinks! You look so happy,” @gingerginger00 wrote.

“That is a face that you must want to kiss all day long! Really precious!” @cloudy_beck expressed.

As of posting, the dog already has 25,400 followers on Instagram and the number continues to soar!