Ito dapat tularan: Honest ‘trisikad’ driver named Amay returns lost cell phone, refuses reward

  • Honest ‘trisikad’ driver returned his passenger’s cell phone and refused any reward
  • His fellow drivers say he has returned lost items several times
  • Online community praising him for his honesty

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental – Be like Amay.

The honest trisikad driver from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental is currently receiving praises on social media after a grateful passenger shared how the man returned his cell phone that was accidentally left in his unit.

According to a certain Joan Geasin, he unwittingly left his cell phone in Amay’s trisikad as he was riding to his destination. Later on, he was able to get his cell phone from Amay who refused to receive any reward.

“Tumalagsahon nlng ang taho parehas simu. Wala mu pa gn baton ang kwarta nga gn duhol ko,” Geasin wrote on his Facebook.

[People like you are rare. You didn’t even take the money that I offered you.]

Geasin also said that he was told by Amay’s fellow trisikAd drivers that he returns lost items to their passengers all the time.

“Kag kung sa storya pa sng mga upod mu, kapila mu na ni gn himu sa mga pasahero mu nga gaka wigitan gamit te indi ko kuno dapat makulbaan.SALUDO GID KO SIMU nong,” he wrote.

[And your peers say you’ve done this many times for passengers who have left their items, so I shouldn’t be afraid at all. I salute you, Manong!”]

Geasin topped off his story with a picture of a smiling Amay which was also quickly shared by the online community.

Many commenters praised the trisikad driver for his honesty; with some locals claiming they know him personally to be a good man.

Others also vowed to use his services should they ever happen to be near Amay’s area.

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