Joey Mead’s husband, Ian King, comes out as transgender woman

  • Joey Mead’s husband, Ian King, came out as a transgender woman
  • Despite becoming a transgender, Ian Angelo, now Angelina, remains happily married to Joey
  • Friends and family of the two have been extremely supportive of the transition

Social media was abuzz when businessman Ian Angelo King, husband of model and TV personality Joey Mead King, has come out as a trans woman.

Victoria Court managing director and car enthusiast, who now goes as Angelina Mead King, has been documenting her journey and transformation as a transgender woman in her Instagram account, @hailtothe_queen, since 2012, as per an article published by Rappler.

In the same Instagram account, she posted a photo of her and her wife, Joey, with the caption, “My rock and my number one supporter”, debuting her transition.

Joey even commented on the post, saying “Love is love”.

Despite becoming a transgender woman, Angelina and Joey, remain happily married since getting hitched in November 2011.

Angelina also received positive reactions and overwhelming support from family and friends through social media.

TV presenter and car enthusiast James Deakin, a friend of Ian, posted on Facebook: “So one of the car guys I look up to the most, is now a woman. Hey, if you ain’t hurting anyone and it makes you happy, it’s all the same to me. Good luck, Ian/Angie”.

Her mother, Marvy Schuman, sent Angelina a message of love and encouragement: “It takes courage to speak your truth…I am thrilled and happy that my child has found bliss! To live an honest life is the only way we should live. I love you, Angie Ian!”

Their closest friends — designer Mark Bumgarner, former beauty queen Maggie Wilson, model Bianca Valerio, photographer Niccolo Cosme — have also posted encouraging words for the two, as per an article published by PEP.

Angeline took to Twitter to express her gratitude for all the supportive messages she has received since coming out.

“What’s a dream, I couldn’t sleep from being so happy! Thank you to everyone for the love and support. You can’t imagine what kind of weight has been lifted off my heart. I am excited to see you all soon,” she wrote.