Kris Aquino, sons welcome Noynoy home

  • Noynoy Aquino is looking forward to a less-stressful life now that he finished his term
  • He returned to their family home on 25 Times Street, West Triangle, Quezon City
  • He was welcomed by his sister Kris and her two sons Josh and Bimby

MANILA, Philippines – Former President Benigno Aquino III is back to being a private citizen after his departure from Malacañang Palace on Thursday, June 30.

Image from Kris Aquino Instagram account
Image from Kris Aquino Instagram account

Noynoy was welcomed by his youngest sister “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino and her sons Josh and Bimby in their family home on 25 Times Street, West Triangle, Quezon City.

On her Instagram account, The TV-host actress shared several photos of the former president’s first moments in their family home as an ordinary citizen.

The caption of a photo of the four them read: “Last IG Moment before Noy starts to enjoy his quiet life & by God’s grace may true & lasting love find him…”

She also shared a photo of Noynoy enjoying a quality time with her sons.

On Wednesday, June 29, a day before Noynoy stepped down from the presidency, Kris also took to Instagram to assure him that in case he gets lonely, she and her sons are ready to become his housemates and keep him company whether he likes it or not.

In another Instagram post, she also thanked the members of the security team who have been assigned to protect their family during Noynoy’s term.

She wrote: “Last picture w/ our team. They all have new assignments, dropping us off in Times was the last part of their duty. Having experienced this 24 years ago in 1992 prepared me for all the emotions of today, 2016… To quote a favorite song, “And if being real means you’ll someday say goodbye, remember my friend goodbye’s not the end, it’s a circle you know and it starts with one hello.”

As for Noynoy, he thanked his supporters who came during his homecoming and asked for forgiveness that he wasn’t able to feed them.

Philippine Entertainment Portal quoted him as saying: “My mother had a luncheon when she finished her term. I’m sorry I cannot feed you today. I have to fix the house and make it a little presentable.”

He disclosed that he is looking forward to a less-stressful life now that he finished his term.



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  1. He is right, they can arrest people who are actively commiting crimes without a warrant, and if they resist, they can be shot, hence, madagdagan pa ang mga patay. Sereno’s statements put criminals and law enforcement more in danger, those statements are irresponsible.
    Im not a Duterte fan but I respect that majority of Filipinos put him in power despite his pronouncements and warnings that many will die when he becomes President.

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