Look: Sen. Dick Gordon’s “pound hard” poster draws laughs, cheers from online community

  • Solon’s otherwise serious FB poster has online community laughing
  • Comments section sprinkled with green jokes for Gordon
  • Many also praised the senator for his comment, said they’ll take his word for it

MANILA, Philippines – We see what you did there.

Reminiscent of his popular slogan “IpasoksiDick”, the poster placed by Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon’s team on his official Facebook page inadvertently has the online community in stitches because of one eyebrow-raising sentence.

“I am not one to shun away from the task at hand. The task is serious. I do not intend to waste everybody’s time. I will not cower. I will pound hard. And toil harder. The Filipino people deserve the best,” read the poster.

Image from Sen. Dick Gordon's Facebook page
Image from Sen. Dick Gordon’s Facebook page

The poster also came with a short explainer on what a Senate Blue Ribbon Committee is.

“The Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations of the Senate of the Philippines, or more popularly known as the Blue Ribbon Committee, is the Senate committee tasked to investigate alleged wrongdoings of the government, its officials, and its attached agencies, including government owned and controlled corporations, in aid of legislation, that is, the primary purpose is the suggestion of new laws, or proposals of amendments to existing laws.”

While Gordon’s team apparently meant to reiterate the solon’s commitment to his job as the Chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, many who read the posters snickered at the “I will pound hard” line and linked it to Gordon’s nickname.

The comments section below the poster were sprinkled with green jokes; with some commenters encouraging the senator to “pound hard” and “thrust” the Philippines into greatness.

Jokes aside, many commenters also praised Gordon and said they hope he makes good on his promise to perform well.

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