LOOK: Winning piece of Pinoy in int’l photography awards

  • A professional Filipino photographer bagged the top prize of a prestigious international photography awards
  • Edwin Loyola won the gold prize for his photo entitled ‘Forever’
  • He also won the bronze award for another monochromatic photo entitled ‘Beautiful Life’

A Filipino photographer topped the prestigious International Photography Awards (IPA)-Philippines for this year.

Edwin Loyola, a professional photographer based in the United States won the gold award of IPA-Philippines’ Family of Man Photographer of the Year for his photo entitled “Forever”.

The winning picture depicts an old couple walking through a park in Maryland, holding hands. GMA News Online said in its story that the photo was taken by a converted infrared camera.

Aside from the heartwarming picture, Loyola also won a bronze prize for his photo entitled “Beautiful Life,” which shows two children playing with a set of balloons in a grassy field.

An award-winning photographer, Loyola expressed how honored he is for winning the internationally acknowledged award. He is the first Filipino to win in IPA.

 “This is perhaps, if not the biggest but the most prestigious so far among the competitions I joined and won. Imagine the photographers winning on this. Most of them are world-famous,” he said.

IPA’s Family of Man Photographer Awards is an honor given to photographers who take photos in the themes of Birth, Childhood, Love, marriage and Death, among others.

“[It] is inspired by Edward Steichen who, in 1939, was given the assignment to curate a show for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City,” said GMA News Online’s story.

“While performing his duty, Steichen asked 30 photographers— including Cartier Bresson, Eugene Smith, and Dorothea Lange— to document the common links of humanity worldwide,” it added.

Here’s a look at his winning pieces:

'Forever'/Image by Edwin Loyola via Facebook
‘Forever’/Image by Edwin Loyola via Facebook
'Beautiful Life' / Image by Edwin Loyola via Facebook
‘Beautiful Life’ / Image by Edwin Loyola via Facebook