Lovi Poe on breakup with Rocco Nacino: “I’m always the problem”

  • Lovi Poe said Rocco Nacino will always be close to her heart
  • She described Rocco as the ‘nicest’ among her ex-boyfriends
  • She admitted she’s ‘always the problem’ and she’s still incomplete as an individual
  • She felt both of them needed to grow

After Rocco Nacino ended his silence over their rumored breakup and admitted that the two of them had indeed parted ways, Lovi Poe confirmed her ex-boyfriend’s statement.

Just like Rocco, Lovi also avoided giving details on what caused and who initiated the breakup.

She told the members of the press in an interview that the two of them had a good relationship, but after two years of being together, the time had come for them to move forward.

Philippine Entertainment Portal quoted her as saying: “It’s just that we have a very good relationship. Tapos, after two years of love and happiness, I guess it’s just time for us to grow separately, as individuals. think we’re still actually too young to carry that kind of relationship that we have.”

She added that both of them are too young for their relationship to lead to something more than that and the two of them probably need to grow as individuals first.

“I have to be more of a woman, he has to be more of a man,” she said.

Lovi admitted that among all of her ex-boyfriends, she described Rocco as the ‘nicest’ one. However, she felt that she’s still incomplete as an individual.

“I’m always the problem,” she said.

Even if they decided to end their relationship, Lovi revealed that Rocco will always be close to her heart.

Rumors about their breakup surfaced last year and there were reports that came out saying that Rocco took money from their joint account and there was a third party involved in their relationship as well.

These were all denied by Rocco.

“Walang kinalaman sa issues, walang third party.  Iyon, I can be sure, walang third party talaga,” he said.

[It has nothing to do with the issues, no third party as well. I can be sure that there’s really no third party involved.]

He also denied that the two of them had a joint account. He believes that if a couple is still on the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, they shouldn’t have a joint account.