Man rides a subway carrying a Siberian Husky inside a bag; law says it’s OK

  • A man rides a subway while carrying a bag with a Siberian Husky inside
  • According to the rule, one may only bring an animal in the subway if it is in an enclosed container
  • CBS news producer Alex Romano managed to take a photo of the unusual scene and uploaded it on Twitter

A man rode a subway in New York while carrying a bag with a Siberian Husky inside — and he did not violate the law by doing such.

In an article written by James Gould-Bourn of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that while the man brought a huge animal, he did not violate any law when it comes to carrying animals inside the New York subway.

“No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container,” according to the rule.

The rule, on the other hand, did not mention anything about the size of the animal. Thus, the man who bought the big husky did not violate the law.

How social media users react

The unusual scene was captured by CBS news producer Alex Romano and he posted it on Twitter where it has drawn different reactions.

“@alexromano OMG, that is HUGE,” wrote Twitter user @svvoulga.

“@alexromano wow, how did the dog react?” asked @jenchung.

“@alexromano @Gothamist god some people (you) are so nosey — why do you have to take pictures of people on the subway?”  [email protected] commented.

“@alexromano But at least a Husky is calmer, smarter, and quieter than any lap dog you’d normally see being carried,” @RadNohrianLady tweeted.

As of posting, the photo has already earned more that 5,100 favorites and over 1,000 comments.