Man spends life savings for wedding, wife leaves him 3 days later

  • A man from a village in China spent a fortune in marrying the girl of his dreams
  • He ended up being deserted by the woman three days after their wedding
  • The experience left him heartbroken, sick and in debt

A man from a village in China was dejected after spending his life savings on the wedding with the girl of his dreams; only to end being deserted by the woman three days after their marital union.

According to Shanghaiist, the poor fellow surnamed Liu from Shanxi province spent almost 200,000 Chinese yuan ($30,000) for his marriage to a girl he met on a blind date about three years ago.

“(Around) 85,800 RMB ($12,830) was for my wife’s family and I spent 20,000 RMB ($2,990) on gold jewelry. When her family came to visit, they took another 10,000 RMB ($1,495) and then I gave them an additional 30,000 RMB ($4,485). The remaining 60,000 RMB ($8,970) was spent on the wedding reception,” Shanghaiist quoted the man as saying.

Since he didn’t have that much money, he had to take a loan to finance their wedding. He also took another loan so he can buy a house ‘to keep his wife happy’.

While the man’s family was happy for him, they were worried about the woman’s attitude since she supposedly seldom spoke with them. They also have never seen the couple holding each other’s hands.

They noticed, however, that the woman had always been preoccupied with her mobile phone.

Three days after the wedding, the girl left and never came back.

Liu recalled that the woman said she wanted to buy something and wanted a ride alone. He waited for her to return but she was apparently gone.

“After a few days, I got wind of where she worked. I went down to the gas station, but she ignored me. I went back a few days later, but she had disappeared. I never heard from her again,” the man narrated.

The experience did not only leave the man heartbroken and in debt, but also sick physically.

“After my marriage, she left me and I was so furious. I was even hospitalized. The doctor said that my brain was overworked,” he said.

He also decided to file a case against his estranged wife who was fined by the court in absentia, and was asked to pay the man 90,000 RMB ($13,500). However, three years have passed and Liu is still without a wife and without money.

While he is now trying for a second shot at love by going on blind dates, the star-crossed Liu said his current debt of 80,000 RMB ($12,000) is making him think more than ten times about marrying another woman for fear of being abandoned again.