Man wrongly accused for viral road rage incident plans to sue Top Gear Philippines

  • Top Gear Philippines wrongly implicated Nestor Punzalan to a viral video of a fatal road rage incident
  • TGP apologized for mistakenly implicating Punzalan to the incident
  • Punzalan is planning to take legal actions against the popular car magazine

A video of a fatal road rage incident posted by Top Gear Philippines (TGP) on Tuesday, July 26, went viral. The incident, caught by a CCTV in Quiapo, Manila,  involved a cyclist and a driver of a red Hyundai Eon, with the former ended up getting shot by the angry driver after a fist fight.

Initially, TGP posted a photo of the suspected vehicle— a red Hyundai Eon— with conduction sticker MO-3746 along with a link to the owner Nestor Punzalan’s Facebook account, which has since been deactivated.

Punzalan voluntarily submitted himself to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to deny his involvement to the said incident after his car went viral on social media.

The NBI have cleared Punzalan of any crime or involvement in the incident, as he tested negative on gun powder burns and had no bruises resulting from the fist fight, and is now tracking a new suspect.

Shortly after,  the popular car magazine reported that the red Hyundai Eon which the CCTV captured on video actually had a conduction sticker of MO-3745 and was owned by a certain Vhon Tanto.

TGP editor-in-chief Vernon Sarne apologized for mistakenly accusing Punzalan for the shooting incident.

“I was responsible for posting the photo of Mr. Punzalan’s vehicle, and I realize now that I shouldn’t have done so. I accept full responsibility. This is all on me,” he wrote.

However, an article published by GMA News said Punzalan is planning to take legal actions against TGP for wrongly implicating him in the viral shooting incident.

“‘Di puwede yung sorry, sorry na lang. Grabe ang ginawa nila, dapat silang managot,” Punzalan said.

[They can’t just be let off with an apology. What they did was too much. They have to be punished.]

According to Punzalan’s lawyer DJ Jimenez, Sarne committed a violation to the Cybercrime Prevention Act in the form of cyberbullying.

Punzalan was also said to be traumatized from the vicious attacks he received from social media.