Manila cop who ran amok inside MPD HQ tested negative for drugs

  • The Manila rookie cop who ran amok tested negative for drugs
  • MPD official said no traces of illegal drugs were found in his system
  • The MPD district director ordered a psychiatric test on the rookie cop

The Manila police officer who went berserk inside the Manila Police District headquarters on Sunday afternoon, July 3, (MPD HQ) tested negative for drugs.

Police Officer 1 (PO1) Vincent Paul B. Soleras underwent a drug test after he was subdued by members of a Special Tactics and Weapons Team or SWAT on orders of MPD district director Senior Supt. Joel Coronel.

Chief Inspector Arsenio Riparip, head of the MPD general assignment section, said the drug test conducted on PO1 Solares found no traces of illegal drugs in his system. He, however, will still undergo other tests.

Coronel said he called the heads of various police stations where the amok cop previously served to ascertain his work background and personality.

A psychiatry test will also be conducted on PO1 Solares.

Earlier reports said that according to police investigators, the rookie cop went on a rampage inside the MPD main office because of his feeling of hatred towards Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

PO1 Solares went to the Police Station 4 in Sampaloc area and punched fellow cops who wore orange shirts. Orange is the signature color of Mayor Estrada.

According to Bombo Radyo, the amok cop’s mother and girlfriend went to see him at the detention facility of the General Assignment Investigation Section of MPD headquarters, but they were shouted at and driven away by him.