Matt Damon trains in Filipino martial art ‘kali’ for upcoming film ‘Jason Bourne’

  • Matt Damon trained in the Filipino martial art kali to prepare for his film Jason Bourne
  • Jason Bourne is the fifth movie in The Bourne Identity franchise
  • The movie will premiere on July 29

Actor Matt Damon trained in the Filipino martial art called kali, also known as arnis or escrima, in order to prepare for his role in the upcoming film Jason Bourne.

Jason Bourne will be the fifth film in The Bourne Identity franchise and will be the fourth one Damon will appear in. Jeremy Renner appeared in the fourth installment The Bourne Legacy which was incidentally filmed in part in Manila.

Talking to ABS-CBN News, Damon revealed that when he first came across the Filipino martial art, he thought that it was “badass” and decided to incorporate the fighting style to his Jason Bourne character.

“Some martial artists came in and did a demonstration. Suddenly they started doing this thing that was so cool. It looked exactly like what we wanted, which was really destructive, really close but economic. It was everything we wanted in his style. It was just badass,” he said.

Kali, which is derived from an ancient martial art from the indigenous tribes of the Philippines even before the Spanish colonization, relies on both armed and unarmed combat; making use of common weapons.

To prepare for his role in the spy thriller, Damon trained with kali expert Jeff Imada, who in turn trained under Dan Inosanto who was a student of Bruce Lee. The Clever Filipina also reports that two fight coordinators for the film, Damon Caro and Jonathan Eusebio, are also practitioners of the Filipino martial art.

Jason Bourne, directed by Paul Greengrass, is set to premiere on July 29.

Watch the trailer for the movie here: