Mayor Abby Binay takes ‘Oplan Tokhang’ to posh Makati villages, unable to get residents’ cooperation

  • Mayor Abby Binay ordered the implementation of Oplan Tokhang in the rich villages of Makati City
  • The village officials denied any drug-related activities within their communities
  • Because of the tight security in the rich villages, the police are unable to carry out the campaign door-to-door

On Wednesday, July 20, Makati Mayor Abby Binay ordered the local police to conduct ‘Oplan Tokhang’ in the city’s 6 exclusive villages as part of the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.

The Makati City mayor called on to the residents and officials from these exclusive villages to cooperate with the police and provide a list of residents involved in illegal drugs.

“I ask the barangay leaders and residents of the six villages to allow the Makati police to conduct Oplan Tokhang inside their subdivisions,” Binay said. “The war against drugs can only be won if we extend our full cooperation with the police, especially in locating known pushers and users in our own backyard.”

The directive to authorize implementation ‘Oplan Tokhang’ came when Barangays Magallanes, Dasmariñas, Forbes Park, San Lorenzo, Bel-Air and Urdaneta submitted a report to Makati City Police chief Superintendent Rommil Mitra claiming there were no drug pushers and users monitored in their villages, as per an article published by Philstar.

Because of the certifications submitted by the village authorities, the police were unable to conduct ‘Oplan Tokhang’ in the gated communities of Makati.

An unnamed barangay hall employee of one of the villages claimed that it was the police who asked for the certification that there are no suspected drug pushers or addicts in the village.

The employee shared that villages has strict security protocols when it comes to police searches.

“It would be easier if the police already had a name of a suspect and his or her respective address. But even then, we would still have to ask for the residents’ permission to allow the search,” they told Inquirer.

They also mentioned there were no reported drug-related incidents in the community.



  1. If there is court order then no amount of village security can stop an arrest or search warrant.
    It is damn stupid to ask for a so-called “certification”. Do you expect them to admit any wrong-doing?
    It is common knowledge that drug use is rampant among the rich. But until you have solid evidence againt a particular person or persons, then that “certification” isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
    Ms Binay, I think you’re intelligent than that.

  2. May certificate naman pala eh, what a croc. Kuha kayo ng subpeona, then arrest everybody that gets in the way!! Alangan namang mas matibay pa mga gwardia ang villages kesa sa Estado, kung di kaya ng pulis SAF ipadala, kung di pa rin, ipadala mga Marines, kung di pa rin, sumurender na lang tayo. Well, kung di pa eh malalaman natin galing ng DDS.

  3. no drug related cases inside the subdivision…TRUE coz they do it OUTSIDE!!!
    Don’t fool us Rich people!!! It is exactly your riches that destroyed your family!!!

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