Meet the Pinay nurse that inherited millions from her billionaire patient

  • A Filipina nurse, Hadassah Peri received millions of dollars from a billionaire patient
  • Her patient Huguette Clark is one of the world’s richest women
  • Clark left the nurse $15 million in her will, on top of the various gifts amounting to $31 million

Care and affection went a long way for Filipina nurse Hadassah Peri as she received millions of dollars worth of gifts from her patient who happened to be one of the world’s wealthiest women.

The Pinay nurse faithfully took good care of reclusive billionaire Huguette Clark— the youngest child of Senator William Clark, who once was the richest man in the United States, and heiress to the Clark copper fortune— who was suffering from face cancer.

Peri shared in an earlier interview with NBC News that she worked for Clark 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it would take her several years before she goes on a day off.

Peri was paid $30 an hour or $131,040 a year, and she described her service for Clark as an extreme self-sacrifice.

“I give my life to Madame,” she said.

During Peri’s service of more than 20 years for Clark, the billionaire showered her with many gifts including multiple Manhattan apartments, a $1.2 million Stadivarius violin, a Cezanne painting, and a Bentley luxury car, as per an article published by Mirror.

“Sometimes I would say, ‘You gave me a cheque already today.’ But she would say: ‘You have a lot of expense, you can use it.’ I accepted the cheques because we have a lot of bills. Madame is very generous. I don’t ask for it. Madame cared deeply about my family and all the devotion that I give.” Peri shared.

By the time Clark died in May 2011, 2 weeks shy of her 105th birthday, she had given Peri more than $31 million over 20 years. She also left her another $15 million in her will.

Clark’s legacy launched a viscous legal battle for the billionaire’s riches, including the ones she left for Peri, with the relatives claiming that the old woman was not lucid when she was writing her latest will.

Last September, Peri settled to give up the cash she received from her patient and paid back the millions worth of gifts.




  1. Living a centenary life Ms. Clark is very grateful. No person won’t be grateful if you were cared for In your ripe old age. The person who served you must be a martyr to sacrifice her own life for the sake of one individual. It is also extremely ungrateful on the part of her own relative who neither sacrificed or dedicate a portion of their time for the care of this individual. Good karma will come to those who serve and ask nothing in return. The opposite will come to those who deserves nothing but thought they deserve to get things because of their relationships.

  2. Tight bastards ! If the old lady was a billionairess, then the few millions the nurse received was just a drop in the bucket, which they deserve to kick rather sooner than later.

  3. Please write about the truth behind the gifts and the will. You can easily search it from any New York newspaper.

  4. Good for you, and I believe you took good care of her – when most of her family were just waiting for her to die so they could get their hands on her money, as so often happens in the western society.

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