Muhammad Ali Jr. leaves his wife and kids after inheriting late boxer’s fortune

  • After receiving his late father’s fortune, Muhammad Ali Jr. abandoned his wife and children
  • He has been estranged from his boxing legend father for several years
  • For the last 10 years, he and his family has been living in poverty

Muhammad Ali Jr., only son of the late legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, is believed to have left his wife and kids in their Chicago home after amassing part of his late father’s fortune.

Sources told Radar that the late boxer’s nine children and widow, Lonnie, met weeks after the boxer passed away in June  to equally divide his $80 million fortune and estate. The widow kept the house, and the siblings shared the cash, making Ali Jr. an instant millionaire.

Ali Jr. has been estranged from his father for years, claiming he was neglected by his absentee father and was bullied for being the boxing champion’s son.

For the past 10 years, Ali Jr., his wife Shaakira and children Ameera, 8, and Shakeera, 7, have been living on handouts and food stamps, as per an article published by the Daily Mail.

After getting his share of his late father’s riches, Ali Jr. decided to move out of his poor West Englewood area home and relocated to a middle-class neighborhood. However, Ali Jr. decided not to take his family with him.

“He gave his wife $75 to buy herself something nice, and bought the kids new shoes. He also wants to set up a trust fund for his kids,” the source said.

His family now hopes to keep him on the straight and narrow, after struggling from drug addiction. According to the source, Ali Jr. is keen on starting a business and helping people in the community.

The source added: “He wants to do landscaping stuff and help people. He doesn’t need much. He’s a simple dude.”


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  1. What a complete douche bag? He estranged himself from his legendary father because he claim to be neglected and yet received his father’s inheritance to him then left his family to enjoy the money all to himself? Man, this guy would surely go broke in a matter of year or two. Karma hurts, painfully…

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