“Narco cops” encouraged to surrender to avoid charges

  • Police officers who are into illegal drugs are encouraged by the PNP Chief to surrender
  • PNP Chief Ronald De la Rosa said policemen who would surrender to their unit commanders before undergoing drug test shall be spared from any charges
  • The PNP Crime Laboratory reported that 20 cops tested positive for illegal drug use

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald De la Rosa encouraged police officers who are into illegal drugs to confess and surrender to their unit commanders to avoid charges and to get help from the government.

Self-confessed “narco cops” will be given a chance to reform by putting them in a rehabilitation center and will be spared from any possible charges, the PNP chief said.

However, De la Rosa pointed out that only those who will surrender to their commanders prior to the drug tests that will be randomly conducted shall be spared from charges. The PNP has been conducting drug tests to rid the police organization of misfits in line with the Duterte administration’s zero tolerance on drug abuse.

These drug tests in the PNP, according to the PNP chief, aim to ensure that police officers who are in the forefront of the war against illegal drugs are not drug addicts themselves.

De la Rosa expressed disgust over the report of the PNP Crime Laboratory that 20 police officers tested positive for illegal drug use.

“Very angry and mad. I want to choke them. Gusto n’yo sakalin ko sila sa harapan n’yo [if you want, I’ll strangle them in front of you],” Dela Rosa said in interview with members of PNP Press Corps.

After the confirmatory tests, police officers who would test positive will be dismissed from service because not only did they broke the law but they bring humiliation to the organization.

As mentioned in an article published by The Standard on July 18, 2016, PNP Crime Laboratory Director Chief Supt. Emmanuel Aranas said of the 20 policemen who tested positive for drug use, five were from Luzon, six were from the Visayas and nine were from Mindanao.