New SWS poll shows Duterte’s net trust rating is “excellent”

  • SWS Poll: Duterte receives an ‘excellent’ trust rating
  • 84 percent respondents has much trust for the new president

The 16th Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte got an ‘excellent’ trust rating, as per results disclosed by Social Weather Stations (SWS) on Wednesday.

Duterte, according to SWS, gained a net trust rating of +79 percent among 1,200 respondents from a survey conducted on June 24-27 with a margin error of plus/minus three percent.

Eighty four percent of the respondents said they have much trust in the president, 5 percent gave him a little trust; subtracting the two numbers will lead to his +79 net trust rating. The remaining 11 percent said they are still undecided.

On social classes, Duterte got excellent from all classes (A to E). He got a +82 “excellent as compared to his +35 “good in May. Duterte’s net trust on classes D and E are both +79; with a 56 rise from his former +23 on class D and 44 rise from former +35 on class E.

Geographically, the biggest hike in his net trust comes from Luzon after garnering a +9 “neutral” it rose to “excellent” +75. There was also movements from +21 “moderate” in Metro Manila to +78 “excellent”. Visayas gave him +74 “excellent” which is 57 higher than +17 “moderate” before. While Mindanao has the biggest trust in the president; from +60 very good, it is now +90 “excellent.”

Based on educational attainment, Duterte was rated “excellent” by non-elementary graduates with +76 from a +18 “moderate”. The same “excellent” was also given by those who has some high school education, and some with college education gave +74 and +81 respectively.

On age groups, 18-24 year-olds gave the president a +88 “excellent”; +84 “excellent” for ages 24-34; +78 “excellent” for 35-44; +78 “excellent” also from 45-54 year-olds, and +70 excellent for ages 55 and above.

The result of this SWS poll was first posted on Business World’s website.

[Note: Results were compared from a previous poll conducted by SWS last May.]