Nintendo takes their cue from Disney merchandising after Pokemon Go success

  • Nintendo eyes a merchandising makeover to their video game platform-focused business
  • This change is brought by the huge success of Pokemon Go
  • Nintendo is now working to expand their products beyond console gaming

We might be seeing more of Super Mario as Nintendo eyes to bring their popular video game franchise characters beyond the game console platform.

After the gigantic success of Pokemon Go – which surprisingly had even full-grown adults catch digital creatures out in the real world- Nintendo is working to have its popular characters appear through other mediums and merchandises.

The Japanese firm has been struggling in the recent years with their reluctance to go beyond consoles and computer games. Taking a leaf from Disney’s playbook, which rakes in billions of dollars in merchandises each year, Nintendo hopes merchandising their popular franchise characters can revitalize the company.

“We are now expanding how we leverage Nintendo Intellectual Property (IP) in various ways beyond our traditional use of them predominantly within the dedicated video game platform business,” Tatsumi Kimishima, the company’s president, wrote in a message to investors.

Nintendo has gone through the ups and downs of their business. It is in their intention to strike while the iron is hot by capitalizing on other Nintendo franchise characters and delivering more merchandise for the renewed and even bigger interest in the Pokemon franchise, as per an article published by CP Entertainment.

A spokesman for Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy said: “We are seeing a resurgence of interest in Pokemon toys after the launch of Pokemon GO.”

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Super Mario franchise, shared that Nintendo has more appetite now to allow its franchise characters to spread beyond console gaming, and into revenue generating licensing agreements,  adding Nintendo had started licensing characters for attractions at Universal Studios theme parks and was working to expand Nintendo products, as per an article published by Reuters.

“These projects will take time to bear fruit, but they are something to look forward to,” he said.