NPA joins Duterte in fight against illegal drugs

  • The communist rebels accepted President Duterte’s offer of cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking
  • The CPP said the NPA is ready to give battle to those who will resist arrest with armed violence
  • The CPP, however, does not accept the president’s reference to the organization’s people’s courts as “kangaroo courts”

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) accepted President Rodrigo Duterte’s call for cooperation in the campaign against widespread drug menace in the country.

In a statement published in the official website of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the CPP said the organization have long been conducting campaign against drug use and drug trafficking. Radical reforms are being carried out among the masses in order for them to reject drug use and instead wage a collective struggle.

During the turnover of command ceremonies in the Armed Forces of the Philippines on July 1, President Duterte sought the communist rebels’ cooperation against the illegal drugs campaign.

“Well, the NPA is listening, you’re still in place. What if your courts, I don’t know if it’s a kangaroo or otherwise. Just kill them so we can easily solve the problem. If you encounter them and they are committing a crime in your presence out in the jungle, just go ahead and finish them,” Duterte said.

In accepting President Duterte’s offer of cooperation, the CPP said it reiterated its standing order for its armed component, the New People’s Army, to “disarm and arrest the most notorious criminals including the biggest drug traffickers, in order for them to be subjected to prosecution and just punishment.”

“The NPA is ready to give battle to those who will resist arrest with armed violence,” the CPP said.

However, the communist rebels does not accept the president’s reference to the “duly constituted people’s court” as “kangaroo courts.” The CPP said criminal suspects have the right to due process.



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