Lucky Me! Pancit Canton ‘to balance the benefits of the improved version and the old one’ – Makers

  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton manufacturers are trying to look into balancing the old and new versions of its popular product
  • This is amid the comments from many consumers to bring back the old Lucky Me Pancit Canton
  • Earlier this month, the company revamped its product to the disappointment of several buyers

It’s safe to say that a lot of Filipinos love pancit canton. No, not the authentic ones served in Chinese restaurants but those instant meals that come in a plastic packaging —  Lucky Me’s Pancit Canton.  Lucky Me! is trying to balance what the consumers liked about the old version so these can be applied to the new version.

An old and lasting favorite of the Filipino palate is the Lucky Me brand bought at P7 to P10 in the nearest neighborhood stores or supermarkets.

Admit it, you’ve probably craved for this salty treat and found yourself asking for more because one pack is not enough to satisfy you.

As all commercial products, manufacturers tried to address the concerns of their consumers. That’s why last month, the favorite Lucky Me variant revamped it to a less “nakakabitin” (crave-for-more) version.

“Kasi di ba bitin sila sa isa [Usually buyers crave for more than the contents of one pack] so ngayon [now] bigger. And the noodles are smoother so when you slurp it, it’s supposed to give you that ‘umami’,” said Monde Nissin’s Melissa Pabustan in a feature story by PhilStar.

But apparently, fans were not happy with the new Pancit Canton as many wanted the return of the good old treat they are used to.

Pabustan also said in the PhilStar feature that they are “listening” and looking into the comments of its consumers.

“We are listening to our consumers and carefully evaluating our options and we are working hard towards keeping that trust and love of consumers for our brand,” she said.

“We’re trying to balance the benefits of the improved version and the old one so we’re getting there,” she added.

Will this mean there will be a return of the tasty goodness that kids and adults alike have learned to love? Guess everyone’s in for another surprise.

But if you want to take a more active approach to bringing it back, a petition calling for the “Return Original Lucky Me Pancit Canton Noodles and Recipe” has its own page at Currently, the page has reached 310 supporters.