Pacquiao vows to be present in the Senate though no one’s prohibiting him from being absent

  • Solon promised to do his job as a senator
  • He said he will do his best to be present even though no one’s stopping from him being absent
  • He admitted to being motivated by critics who accuse him of being an absentee lawmaker

MANILA, Philippines – Despite admitting he is missing the ring, Sen. Manny Pacquiao promised to be focused on his job as a solon even as he said no one is technically prohibiting him from being absent in the Senate.

“Sinisikap natin ‘yan. Dahil unang-una, wala namang magbabawal sa akin na mag-absent ako. Pero ang goal ko talaga ay magampanan ang trabaho ko,” he told ABS-CBN.

[We are striving for that. Because primarily, no one is stopping me from being absent. But my goal really is to focus on my work.]

Pacquiao, while admitting he was hit hard by criticisms over his absenteeism in Congress, nevertheless thanked his detractors for giving him the motivation to be better.

“I am challenged doon sa nag-criticize sa akin,” he said. “So nagpapasalamat ako sa nag-criticize sa akin. Parang na-challenge ako,” he said. “Nakaya ko ngang maging champion sa boxing dahil sa disiplina ko, ‘yan pa kaya na hindi ako mabubugbog?”

[I am challenged by those who criticized me. So I thank them. It’s like I was really challenged. I managed to become a champion in boxing because of my discipline, how much more in something where I can’t be beaten up?]

At the same time, Pacquiao assures everyone that his return to the ring on November 5 won’t get in the way of his duties. He said he timed the event to coincide when the Senate takes a break.

“I want to make sure the fight happens during the Senate vacation, so October until November,” he said.